New Silent Hill announced for Playstation 4


During their Gamescom briefing Sony quietly announced an interactive teaser for a mysterious title called P.T, which was being made by an unknown studio. It was also announced that P.T was being immediately released on the Playstation 4 store for gamers to play. The premise of the game is that an unknown character wakes up in an abandoned house with no clues as to what’s going on. The player is tasked with exploring the house and examining clues which reveal increasingly disturbing imagery for the player to scream at. To reveal what happens in the actual gameplay would ruin the fun of P.T but it’s the ending that is truly shocking.

In an extremely clever move, the end of the demo announces the next gen debut of Silent Hill, which P.T is revealed to be a Playable Teaser for. Not only is it revealed that Hideo Kojima will be directing the game, but Guillermo Del Toro will also be involved with the game as well, and if that isn’t enough, The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus will also be playing the main character. Long time Silent Hill fans will also be happy to hear that the music of Akira Yamaoka is also used at the end of the teaser, indicating that he too will be involved with the game.

Kojima is known for sensationally revealing games but this could quite possibly be his best reveal yet, and is indeed his most shocking announcement in a good long while. It’s still unknown whether the game will be exclusive to the Playstation 4, but after Microsoft revealing that the next Tomb Raider will be exclusive to the Xbox One, anything is possible.


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