Claire Redfield will be fighting evil in Resi Revelations 2


It has been revealed in a series of info and images that Claire Redfield, sister to series protagonist Chris, will be making her playable return in the sequel to Resident Evil Revelations. Gamesmaster magazine’s November issue has disclosed that Revelations 2 will see two playable characters in the form of Claire Redfield, who will be bringing back her combat skills from previous Resident Evil titles, and a new character called Moira, daughter of the iconic Barry Burton. Hopefully Moira will be making her father proud with some bad voice acting and cringy one liners.

Other information has also revealed that  the two heroines are abducted and left to fend for themselves on an abandoned island detention facility that houses some new kind of zombies to the series. The new enemies to the game are called afflicted which, despite having a zombie like appearance, are much faster and considerably more brutal. Combat will also be carrying on the more atmospheric nature of the original Revelations, whilst adding some new unknown features that have been said to set this title apart from the rest of the series.

After seeing so much of Chris and Leon in the series, it’s nice to finally see some of Resident Evil’s other characters having their chance in the spotlight. Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to see whatever happened to Rebecca and Billy since we last saw them fighting for their lives back in the Gamecube days. Actual gameplay footage for the sequel should be shown at the Tokyo Game Show in a few weeks, but these details should keep the series’ fans happy until then.

So are you happy about the new information or would you have preferred some other characters and more traditional gameplay instead?





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