Final Fantasy XV demo coming early next year

From left to right: Type-0 protagonist, Ace; Final Fantasy XV lead, Noctis

The eagerly awaited Final Fantasy XV, formerly known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, will be receiving a demo next year according to Game Informer. The demo will, apparently, be contained on a voucher that will be included with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for PS4 and Xbox One which is set to be released on March 17th for North America, March 19th for Japan, and March 20th for European markets. The article has since been pulled from Game Informer which indicates this could be much more than a rumour considering Tokyo Game Show starts tomorrow. The demo which is known as “Episode Duscae” will depict some of the early sections of the game but with some altered progression that will be more suited to the demo than the final game.

Final Fantasy XV was first unveiled in 2006 under the title, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which was to be released exclusively for the Playstation 3 alongside it’s sister titles Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII which were to make up a series called the Fabula Nova Crystallis. However, Versus XIII faced a laboured cycle that saw the release of Final Fantasy XIII, as well as two sequels centred around Lightning. Agito XIII was also renamed to Type-0 and saw an exclusive Japanese release for the Playstation Portable; Western audiences will be getting their first taste of the war epic in the remastered HD edition for next generation consoles.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII was finally re-revealed at E3 2013 under the new flagship title Final Fantasy XV for Playstation and Xbox One. The action packed trailer depicts a combat system that seems to abandon the slow paced turn based system of the series in favour of a more a stylish approach. The game centres around a prince called Noctis and his country, Lucis, which has access the final mystical crystal left in the modern world setting. Lucis is attacked by an invading country called Niflheim though which sets Noctis and his friends on a journey to retrieve the crystal and seek revenge.

As the main character, Noctis, is able to wield numerous different weapons and spells whilst also having the ability to teleport around the battlefield. The other playable characters include Gladiolus, a muscular man who is able to wield large swords as well as use his fists to fight; Ignis, a calculating man who wields light weapons as well as unique magic attacks; Prompto, a gun wielding playboy who has the unique ability to actually target enemies with pinpoint precision; and Cor, an older member of Noctis’ group who has served Notctis’ family for years. The main heroine of the game is a women called Stella who Noctis is forced to fight against despite his feelings towards her, implying the game will have strong elements of Romeo and Juliet.

More information should be released over the coming days at the Tokyo Game Show, hopefully alongside a new trailer as well. Regardless, it’s nice to finally have some new information about the constantly elusive game. Will you be buying Final Fantasy Type-0 just for the demo of XV or have you been looking forward to the game anyway since it’s PSP release?


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